If Stress and Anxiety is something that you fight in your day to day life, from big events or something as simple as daily irritations, such Stress and Anxiety can really build up and take a toll on our bodies.

Luckily! You have EZZ Tea to help you through those tough times. 


Simply Add 1 to 2 Tbs (depends on how strong you like your tea) of our variety of mixed herbs to hot water, then wait 5 to 8 minutes to let fully seep and you will feel a sense of relaxation through your whole body. 



  • Lemon Balm- Reduces Stress and Anxiety
  • Chamomile- Reduces Inflammation, pain, and Lowers Blood Surgar
  • Linden- Helps Feverish Colds, Throat Irritation, and Cough
  • Rose Petals-  Has a verity of diffrent Minerals that help with Dry Skin, Acne, and Redness
  • Mint- Impoves Brain Function, Breastfeeding Pain, and Stomach Pain

Generously brushed with cardomom- Lowers Blood Pressure, Impoves Breathing, and Aid Weight Loss